At Seguin Construction (1979) Ltd., we are committed
to protecting the environment in which we operate
and take pride in conducting our business in a safe,
conscious, and responsible manner.  We understand
and accept our obligation to conduct our operations with
an awareness of environmental, economic and social
needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

Our field operations are carried out on both Crown
and Private lands, and thus are guided by Provincial
and Federal Regulation and Legislation.  As operators
on the environment, we are considered to be a
stakeholder and thereby a steward in environmental
protection.  While our operations do, by nature, have
an impact on the land, we will continuously strive to
ensure that the impact is minimized through the
implementation and application of our corporate policies.  Our knowledge of the statutory and regulatory requirements while conducting those operations will ensure that we maintain our standing as effective stewards, thus allowing Seguin Construction (1979) Ltd. the opportunity to ensure further exploration for future generations.


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