Seguin Construction (1979) Ltd. remains committed
to providing our clients with the best suited piece(s)
of equipment, for each individual project.  Seguin
Construction (1979) Ltd. also believes an integral part of
this application is to ensure that the properly trained
employee is assigned to the proper piece of equipment,
in order to best suit our client’s project requirements.

This is accomplished through continuous operator
training, and also by maintaining a methodical regular
service program on all of our equipment, carried out by
our highly skilled mechanical crew. 

As well as being committed to our regular maintenance
program, Seguin Construction (1979) Ltd. also has an
equipment replacement program in place to help us service
our clients requirements today and into the future.


Motor Graders
2 – Cat 140G
1 – Cat 140G with snow wing
1 – John Deere 770BH

Crawler Tractors
3 – Cat D5HLGP, 6-way tilt
       2 with winch, 1 with ripper
1 – Cat D6N-LGP, winch & 6-way tilt
1 – Cat D6R-LGP, ripper & 6-way tilt
4 – Cat D6T-LGP, 6 way tilt & ripper
1 – Cat D7R-LGP, ripper & tilt

Tracked Excavators
1 – Cat 225B
1 – Hitachi EX270LC, w/ thumb
1 – Hitachi ZX230LC, w/ thumb
1 – Cat 325D, w/ thumb & twist chuck attachment

1 – Cat 815 padfoot packer
1 – Cat 936, rubber tire front end loader
1 – AVS-RC60, rubber tracked skid steer loader


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