Seguin Construction (1979) Ltd. is a highly diverse
construction company serving the needs of Alberta’s
Natural Resource Sector, and the Alberta Civil
Construction Industry in the retail, commercial
and government sectors.

Our Service has and will continue to reflect the values
of our clientele: safety, environmental responsibility,
knowledge and efficiency.

Operating in a highly-competitive market, we will be
distinguished by our level of service, our integrity, our
respect towards our working environment and our
stakeholders, our diversity, and our knowledge,
expertise and skills.  We will be distinguished by our
actions, both on-the-job and through aggressive
and appropriate marketing strategies.

Above all, we will continue the foundation of our
history: family-founded, family-built, family-run with family values.  We are, therefore, oriented to an unencumbered, decisive, and proactive management style that ensures a client relationship based on trust, respect and results.


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