Seguin Construction (1979) Ltd. will be distinguished
as a leader in the construction industry.  In order to
obtain the most for our clients, we will be driven by
the less is best philosophy:

Less Cost to our clients by training, innovation,
assessment, deployment and management of resources.

Less Environmental Impact by knowledge, research,
field assessment, consultation and communication
within our working environment.

Less Accidents by a company-wide supportive working spirit,
orientation, planning, training, communication, documentation
and leadership on all worksites.

Less Bureaucracy by leadership, delegation, decisiveness,
and accountability, all operating in a results-oriented, goal-focused working environment.

Our vision of Seguin Construction will not be led by a few, nor swayed by external pressures.  It will be driven by a corporate staff who feels the reward of a supportive, knowledgeable, safe and tolerant work environment.  By lessening the bounds that inhibit innovation and creativity we will be making the most of our projects.  Each project will be viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate our leadership and our strength as a team, not the actions of an individual.  No one works alone at Seguin Construction (1979) Ltd..


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